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"Be My Valentine" Build Contest 2016
(Tekkify server only!)

It's time for our first build contest of 2016, are you all ready? Since Tekkify now runs two packs with unique, different mods I have decided to split up the contests between the two servers and assign each one to the server that best suits the theme. This contest is geared toward the patrons of our original Tekkify pack. Those on the Reforged pack will get their shot next month. But enough about that, lets hear about the theme!

As you may have guessed by the title and the abundance of pink font, this is a Valentine contest. For this one we're looking for the very best "Valentine Date" that blocks can build. (Keep it PG, please.) Construct a fun valentines-themed attraction for players to visit with their special...
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Voting Competitions
The competitions have closed and we have our winners.

Top Voters
  1. @ManticoreZZ@ManticoreZZ & NKhrushchev who win a month of Tekkify premium each
  2. @ditto56@ditto56 who wins a week of Tekkify premium
Congratulations to the three of you!

Voter Raffle
This month we received 8,433 votes. The number rolled was 132, meaning the winner of the voter raffle is Predatorwolf001 who also wins a month of Tekkify premium.

Congratulations to all the voters, and thanks for voting. Get voting and good luck for next month! Votes have been reset.

Resource Reset
The resource world has been reset as part of our monthly resets. It will be next reset on Tuesday 1st March at roughly the same time.
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Hello all,

Today we have a fairly hefty Reforged update to address many of the issues that have cropped up while we were away.

Minor Bug Fixes
  • Miners backpack now accepts uranium
  • Tunnel bores will now mine apatite
  • Quantum leggings now show an item name
  • Quarry tooltip updated to advise of a one time use
Important Fixes
  • Quarry recipe adjusted, diamond gears replaced with 2 single diamonds
  • Monastric drone can now be crafted from 5 UU
  • Some forestry logs and wood can now be cut into microblocks
  • Vanilla ender chests are now enabled
  • Compacting recycler has been disabled due to a glitch
  • Recycler no longer accepts cobble, microblocks or slab blocks
  • Reactor chambers can no longer be used on frames due to a glitch
  • The maximum frame size is now 150 due to severe server instability with larger ships
  • Carpenters Blocks has made it's way into the pack
As with the...
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Tekkify: Reforged will be available from 12PM GMT on Wednesday 30th
The modpack and server will be available below at that time, as well as full server and modpack information.

Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkify-reforged.785425
Mod List: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkify-reforged.785425/mods
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So, you may have noticed it has been over 4 months since our last news post, but we have news! As university, college and work (for I and Haid at least) have been coming to an end, we've had more time to work on Tekkify and the associated projects.

In this case, we have spiced up the forums a little bit (good bye to that user bar) and more importantly been working on the Reforged modpack. We thought it would be a good idea to make a post to get everyone on the same page before information starts spreading from different sources.

What is Reforged?
  • Reforged is a new modpack which focusses on bringing together the best parts of Tekkify over time (from 1.2.5 Tekkit to present)
  • It will not simply take the best parts though, it will have its own spin and present things in a new way
  • The modpack will require thought and space to create different systems or contraptions, no compact blocks or mods that have creeped in power and over-simplified things