by Nentify at 1:34 PM
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We have launched the new Tekkify modpack and server. Simply download the modpack and join the server in the Multiplayer list to join us and play!

Modpack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/tekkify-4.865293
Discord: https://discord.gg/skWKqu6
by Nentify at 12:14 PM
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Hello everyone

We are currently working on a new modpack for 1.7.10. We have chosen 1.7.10 as 1.9 is not stable enough for us to move over at this time. However, we plan to move over as soon as possible. For now however, 1.7.10 is the best option and we want to create a strong and enjoyable modpack and server for everyone to play in the meantime.

Mod list: https://github.com/Tekkify/Tekkify-4/blob/master/mod_list.txt
Modpack configs/scripts: https://github.com/Tekkify/Tekkify-4

The modpack aims to be a Tekkify-like modpack with a variety of mods to play with, as well as incorporating elements of Reforged into it. I will also be adding older mods that didn't make it into either pack, bringing back mods that were previously removed and adding new mods we haven't seen before.


AE2 - Power costs are greatly increased
Archimedes Ships - Requires an engine to run, new mod to play with
Binnie's Mods - Still mostly unconfigured,...
by Haidyn at 4:08 AM
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Good evening,

Due to a security issue beyond our control several areas of the server and it's management were compromised earlier this evening. While the damage was actually rather limited, the inconvenience was not and as a result we have decided to:
  • Archive the entire forum, more recent posts were lost, the rest will be available in a public archive shortly
  • Close Reforged and Tekkify with immediate affect, the entire staff team are now putting all effort into getting the new pack up and running
Luke will be re-posting information regarding the pack tomorrow.
Until then, thanks for sticking around!