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by Nentify at 11:13 AM
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It appears last night that there were some issues occurred in regards to the world. I have restored some old data which has restored 95% of the world to its original blocks. However, there may be some oddities or missing or messed up blocks. Just give these some TLC. Feel free to ask me or any other admin if you need assistance in cleaning anything up.

I won't be going into details, but just bear in mind that for some users who may have logged in during this incident that some of their blocks may have incorrect data values.

I have had to rollback the Boo clan world region as their base was in pieces, quite literally. I'm very sorry about that.

Hopefully there aren't too many other major issues. I can't make any promises atm, but things are looking okay other than that... We'll have to see.

by Nentify at 9:33 PM
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Today an issue has occurred which has seemed to cause world corruption. We have had some unfortunate things happen on the server recently, and I'm afraid this is another that has hit us. We have no choice but to restore our previous back up, taken yesterday (27th July at 4pm GMT).

We are extremely sorry about the loss of your work and time, but this is just a worst case scenario issue and is the reason we take backups in the first place, should the worst come to worst. Unfortunately, this happens. More so in modded Minecraft, more so in large/more complex modpacks.

As a result of this event, we will be performing the rollback immediately and investigating the cause of this corruption to ensure it's sorted and doesn't occur again.

Again, we are all deeply sorry and it is just as stressful and disheartening for us to have to perform such extreme solutions to fix this. We hope you can understand the situation at hand.

by Nentify at 1:10 PM
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These updates are mostly minor bug fixes and a fix for an exploit that has been going around.
  • Immibis microblocks patched - Can now place torches, leves, wires, etc. on covers
  • BiblioCraft 1.10.4 > 1.10.5 - Fixes a major exploit
  • Buildcraft 7.0.13 > 7.0.17 - Many bug fixes
  • Buildcraft Compat 7.0.8 > 7.0.9 - Bug fixes
  • Applied Energistics 2 rv2-stable-9 > rv2-stable-10 - Bug fix
  • All CoFH mods - Bug fixes and minor changes
  • Computronics 1.5.5 > 1.5.6 - Bug fixes
  • Chisel 2 2.4.0 > 2.4.1 - New Futura block, minor changes and fixes
  • Forestry 3.6.2 > 3.6.3 - Minor fixes
  • OpenComputers > - New blocks and a few changes/fixes
  • Thaumic Energistics > - Many fixes and changes
  • TiC Tooltips 1.2.4 > 1.2.5 - Minor changes
In other news:
  • Various aspects have been stripped from items due to bugs with Thaumcraft and how it...
by Nentify at 7:58 PM
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There's been a few changes over the last week and a few things we thought we news post-worthy, and it's always a good idea to keep everyone in the loop.

After a few requests from players, we have a new package in the store. You can now purchase 4,000 claim blocks for £5 at store.tekkify.com. You can adjust the quantity you'd like to purchase at checkout.

We have had requests for a few other things, but we are hesitant to directly put currency in the store and we will not sell item packages or bundles.

Other Changes:
  • Market slots have been increased to 9 slots per user as the per-group settings do not function yet
  • Powered spawners have been disabled in the nether (prevent wither farming)
In other news, work on Reforged is progressing and I'm very excited for it. Many new discoveries have been made for new possibilities, combinations and mods. We will let you know more about this in the coming week or so....
by Nentify at 10:13 PM
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  • MalisisCore updated from 0.12.4 to 0.12.5
  • MalisisDoors updated from 1.9.1 to 1.9.3
These updates are just bug fixes.

Misc changes
  • Inv Tweaks removed from server side, may have unintended side effects, but it will have to do for now
  • Market re-re-opened
  • Users can now use '/cofh friend gui' to manage CoFH machine protections - do not abuse this.
  • NEI is now on by default ahref
  • Added an alternative recipe for paved whitestone as the original conflicts with vanilla...
  • Map is live again