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If you've been down by the Resource World Warps lately you may have noticed a bit of holiday cheer going up in the old empty plots. But now that I've finished trimming the tree and Rhah and Jaylocke have got the train ride in working order, we need some more holiday displays for people to look at! If you're simply busting with holiday cheer and looking for some excuse to build, now is your chance!

The guidelines are pretty simple and loose for this one:

  • All builds must fit within...

Holiday Village Building Competition

We will now be running a monthly voting competition to help increase our votes, and also to thank you for your continued dedication. It will be quite simple, and hopefully the rewards will be worthwhile and make voting a little more worth it.

The rules are simple:

  • You may vote on each site once per day
  • The top voters at the end of the month receive a reward
  • 1st - $25 store coupon
  • 2nd - $15 store coupon
  • 3rd - $10 store coupon
Voting begins...

Monthly Voting Competition

Hey Guys,

So it's been a month or so since we last posted an update so we just want to keep you up to date with what's been happening behind the scenes and get some of your opinions on the server ranks.

We've reached a near final point with the modpack now, if you've been keeping up with it in single player you'll be familiar with the mods that have made it through; though this is still subject to change as we undergo our testing period.

On that note, the beta testers have...

1.7.10 Progress Update #3: Ranks?