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Hey Guys,

So it's been a month or so since we last posted an update so we just want to keep you up to date with what's been happening behind the scenes and get some of your opinions on the server ranks.

We've reached a near final point with the modpack now, if you've been keeping up with it in single player you'll be familiar with the mods that have made it through; though this is still subject to change as we undergo our testing period.

On that note, the beta testers have...

1.7.10 Progress Update #3: Ranks?

We are looking for testers to commit time to extensively testing mods in the pack for bugs, suggestiond and changes to help with balance, progression, lag, protections and the server experience. If you believe you will be able to sufficiently test the mods in the pack and provide feedback, leave Nentify or Haidyn a private message on the forums.

To become a tester, we do ask that you're at least the Explorer rank.

There is much more information for testers in the forums. If you need anymore...

1.7.10 Testers Required!

With update #1 released almost 2 weeks ago now, I wanted to give you the opportunity to give some feedback and keep you updated with what's going on behind the scenes.

I'll start off with what's going on behind the scenes, and ask for some feedback at the end of the post, so keep reading! The recent couple of weeks have been quite slow for the server itself, as we're currently waiting on a few things. These are:

  • Forge support for our multi-server software
  • A custom plugin
  • A...

1.7.10 Progress Update #2: Feedback