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A quick update after recent discussions and plans for the future, as it has been a bit quiet here recently. Apologies about that.

New cross-server infrastructure is currently set-up at its basic level, we are now working on adding all necessary plugins and setting the server(s) up ready for us. We will release information about this on Twitter and on this thread as progression is made to keep you updated.

Once the new infastructure is ready, we will begin work on adding in new mods to the...

Current Status - Multiserver, Resource World Reset & Mods

The resource and nether world resets have been complete.

Please note, some inventories and player data have been reset, which will cause you to login at the new spawn point with no items. Do not worry however, your inventories are saved. They will be altered and fixed tomorrow, and then restored to your account when you're next online.

When there is a reset announced, do not logout in the resource world or nether to prevent having to reset player data files when necessary.

We have temporarily disabled region posts whilst we investigate issues with them which are causing crashes.

As a reminder you can use /tpa <player name> to visit friends.