Donate to Tekkify

Donations can take up to 24 hours to be processed. If it takes longer than 24 hours, or there is a problem with your donation, contact Nentify in-game or on the forums.

We do not refund donations. Donors are treated just as normal users, if you are found breaking the rules, you will be banned. No matter if you're a donor or not. When you donate, you are donating to the server and receive the perks as a benefit. We may remove your perks at any time, and the perks themselves may change at any time.

In-Game Currency $5 per 15k

Important! Donations for in-game currency will not be carried over to the new Tekkify server being released.

Purchase currency to spend on items in-game here, you can purchase as much as you want to get ahead of the competition. You get a discount for purchasing $85,000.

Donor Status - $15/month

  1. NEW! Disguise yourself as a mob - /d (/u to undisguise)
  2. Custom name colour
  3. Teleport to a user - /tpa [name]
  4. Teleport users to you - /tpahere [name]
  5. Wear a hat - /hat
  6. Use colours on signs
  7. 6 homes - /sethome [name]
  8. Create temporary TS3 channels
  9. Access to the donor area
  10. Access to the donor mine

Custom Donation - $15/month

This package gives you all the donation perks as above, but you can donate extra if you wish to help us out a bit more, or donate for longer periods of time. Your donation amount must be at least $15, and increment in multiples of $15. Each $15 is 1 month of donor in-game.

Custom Prefix - $15/month

Purchase a gold in-game prefix with text of your choice. The prefix must abide by our rules and can not be anything offensive or vulgar. It may be a maximum of 10 characters.

Account Unlock - $15

If you have been banned, you can be unbanned by purchasing an account unlock here unless we say otherwise. We reserve the right to clear items, money, or AR time if you purchase an unlock. If you want information about your accounts status with unlocks, send Nentify a private message on the forums.